We design and deliver energy for performance programmes, whether working with individuals, teams or leaders we work on the energy elements that give individuals the ability to perform at a higher level at work and maintain this energy level to enjoy a rewarding home life too.

Personal Resilience (brief course outline below:-)

Our one day personal resilience programme equips individuals with the knowledge to achieve higher levels of energy in all areas of their life, reduce stress and focus on the physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and recovery elements of high performance.

Team Resilience

The HSE reports 12.5 million lost days at work through work related stress or anxiety in 2016/17 equating to 526,000 employees suffering from work related stress, employers have a legal duty to protect employees from stress at work. Aha Moment’s half day team resilience program is a preventative process for managing risk to employees from work related stress.

Our programme focuses on work demands, control of workload, support, relationships, work role and change as per the HSE’s Management Standards http://www.hse.gov.uk/stress/standards/. During the  programme participants diagnose, design,  prepare for delivery and embedding solutions into your team or organisation. Participants are required to complete a pre-course survey, self diagnose  formulate and prioritize solutions, before taking back their learnings and actions into the organisation.

Note: This programme requires participants to take a free online survey prior to course commencement.

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Course Schedule
Energy for performance

Welcome, Getting to know you and roles for the day

09:00Day 1

Resilience and Sources of Pressure and energy, understanding your survey results

9.30Day 1

How agile are you? Change and managing it

10.00Day 1


10.45Day 1

Physical Energy and Nutrition

11:00Day 1


12:00Day 1

Movement and energy, consequences and benefits

13:00Day 1

Recovery (sleep and activity)

13.30Day 1

Emotional Energy (signs and symptoms)

14:00Day 1

Mental Energy, what does it really mean to focus?

15:00Day 1


15:45Day 1

Life Purpose

16:00Day 1

New Actions and Rituals

16:40Day 1

Recap and Close

16:50Day 1
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It really made me think about mine and my team's resilience

The changing nature of the course throughout the day was good to refresh the group

Course was really good it really made me think of how I can improve to release more energy

Effective energy management of workshop

Good level of interaction, enjoyable, nice environment

Pace of course was right, content was good