We offer both online and face to face psychotherapy and hypnotherapy, CBT, solutions focused thinking, person centred therapy. Hypnotherapy can be used to alleviate symptoms of many conditions and is particularly effective remedy for anxiety and stress. We offer accredited coaching both face to face and online as an alternative to travelling to an office allowing worldwide access.

We are often asked what the difference is between psychotherapy and coaching, psychotherapy has been described as an intervention which deals with the past and unconscious mind, coaching the future and conscious mind, however in reality they often overlap as both bring the individual to goal setting and achievement.


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Fran helps with challenging the norm and making me think of other ways to do things.

Fran was a great help to me in my first few months in my new job, she took time out to check in with me and see how I was. She coached me around issues and it helped me adjust to a new job, site and work culture.

It was great to have someone really listen without sitting in judgement