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The chemical manufacturing world is a technical one and is one were rules rule (even more so in the Pharma world). Fran showed the SLT that we don’t have to run the site in a traditional, techy, “businessy” kind of way all the time. She helped the SLT to loosen up a bit and think of approaches that are a little more expressive, fun, human and engaging. Given that I am that rare Myers Briggs mix of E, N, F & P (just like Fran) I warmed to this approach. Additionally, she provided honest feedback along the way of how the SLT were working together and with the site in general. This allowed the SLT to reflect on this and improve.

Fran takes you outside of your comfort zone and challenges you to look at things very differently to how you would normally operate and think. By working with my team as well, she has set their expectations on my own role as a leader that has helped provide me with further challenge on what they need of me.

It’s been a refreshing time for me working with Fran after 30 years in the an industry where this kind of free thinking; liberal approach isn’t usual or accepted. If people are open minded then they will benefit from working with Fran.
Fran knows a lot about psychological models and theory and shares this in a simple to understand and non-preachy way, I'll always remember the "issues in your tissues" conversation and how stuff in your head can affect your physical health and Fran helped me understand that.

Enjoyed your personal and customized approached to us, it has opened people up, helped open our eyes about what can be done and how to do it differently. I think that the staff feel that they have a voice now in terms of the strategy.

Interaction was good with the groups and people were open and honest, the facilitation was clear and well planned

Energizing session with lots of quality conversations, it really made me think about mine and my team's resilience and what else I need to think about

Interaction was good with the groups and people were open and honest, it helped me challenge the norm and I'm thinking about other ways to do things