Whether seeking advancement, more understanding of your needs or current struggle, how to meet your current goals, make decisions and plan the future, our coaching psychologists can help frame the unconscious and past and conscious and future. We offer this service both face to face or online via zoom.

Our action learning sets offer the opportunity for peer to peer coaching in setting goals, understanding issues, moving to action and becoming accountable.

“Thank you for your time over the past year(ish), you really have helped me refocus personally and professionally.”

Fran helps with challenging the norm and making me think of other ways to do things.

Fran was a great help to me in my first few months in my new job, she took time out to check in with me and see how I was. She coached me around issues and it helped me adjust to a new job, site and work culture.

It was great to have someone really listen without sitting in judgement