We work with both large corporate organizations  and SME’s developing the capability and confidence of leaders, in assessing your needs, we fully diagnose the current level of leadership, design and deliver programmes which centre on developing individual leaders who individuals would love to follow.

We do this through a number of methods, outdoor experiential learning, solution focus thinking, action learning sets, development of emotional intelligence, feedback and working with individual personality traits. Working with aha moment gives leaders the opportunity to develop a complete leadership tool kit allowing individuals to become confident and effective leaders in all circumstances.

Each programme is tailored to meet your needs of captured during the diagnosis phase, please note this is a sample agenda based on a specific client need.

Course Outline
Developing the capability and confidence

All meet and introductions

Arrival and CoffeeDay 1

Introduction to the programme and context setting, programme overview and approach, introduction and health and safety

WelcomeDay 1

Introduction to growth mindset, how we work together to establish a safe learning environment with challenge and support

Introduction and familiarisationDay 1

High energy experiential exercise demonstrating how teams work together effectively and expectations of working together to achieve success

Ice BreakersDay 1


BreakDay 1

Participants asked to share leadership strengths and learning objectives

Establishing Aims and ObjectivesDay 1

Exploring the key components of great leadership and the behaviours (EQ) needed to lead great teams. Consideration given to the difference between leadership as a function (title) or as a behaviour.

What makes a great leader?Day 1


LunchDay 1

Experiential activities allowing participants to develop an awareness of how they demonstrate and further develop leadership expectations in action with observations and feedback from colleagues, highlights the 70/20/10 approach

Developing LeadershipDay 1


BreakDay 1

Observation and Feedback from colleagues (reminder of GIFT model)

Debrief and FeedbackDay 1

Experiential outdoor activities allowing participants to develop an awareness of how they demonstrate and further develop leadership expectations in action with observations and feedback from colleagues

Developing LeadershipDay 1

Observation and Feedback from colleagues

Observation and FeedbackDebrief and Feedback


CloseDay 1

Capturing the learning from the previous day and anticipating the challenge to come

ReviewDay 2

Building on the previous day, teams will be given fun, challenging projects which require them to demonstrate leadership and work effectively as a team to achieve results. The project will demand that the team quickly sets direction, drives performance and inspires each other to achieve success. They will need to coordinate their effort to overcome a series of personal and team challenges

High Hopes ProjectDay 2


LunchDay 2

Focusing on individual contributions to team success

Review and FeedbackDay 2

Participants work in small groups to offer support and challenge on identifying actions to take forward, story creation of who participants are as leaders

Action PlanningDay 2


CloseDay 2
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Fran takes you outside of your comfort zone and challenges you yo look at things very differently to how you would normally operate and think. By working with my team as well she has set their expectations on my own role as a leader that has helped provide me with further challenge on what they need of me.

Got me singing again for the first time in many years!

The chemical manufacturing world is a technical one and is one were rules rule (even more so in the Pharma world). Fran showed the SLT that we don’t have to run the site in a traditional, techy, “businessy” kind of way all the time. She helped the SLT to loosen up a bit and think of approaches that are a little more expressive, fun, human and engaging.

Given that I am that rare Myers Briggs mix of E, N, F & P (just like Fran) I warmed to this approach. Additionally, she provided honest feedback along the way of how the SLT were working together and with the site in general. This allowed the SLT to reflect on this and improve.

It has brought us a fresh perspective on SLT engagement with the wider site and taken team working to a new level.

Some of the exercises have helped bring the team closer together and challenge each other. Still plenty to be done, but the journey has started.

Work on Myers Briggs was good. It showed that a workforce is made up of different "types" all of which have their place. How to work with other 'types' was useful.

Fran knows a lot about psychological models and theory and shares this in a simple to understand and non-preachy way.